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DK PBB Akan Berkumpul Senin Depan untuk Palestina

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:24 PM PDT

v0T0KcaNVq DK PBB Akan Berkumpul Senin Depan untuk  PalestinaFoto : Rapat DK PBB (AFP)
NEW YORK – Dewan Keamanan Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (DK PBB) akan mengadakan pertemuan pada Senin depan untuk masalah pengakuan dan keanggotaan Palestina di PBB.

Presiden DK PBB, Nawaf Salam dari Lebanon mengatakan, pada Senin depan, 15 anggota DK PBB memulai diskusinya tepat pada pukul 19.00 waktu setempat untuk menindaklanjuti proposal keanggotaan penuh Palestina di PBB. Demikan seperti diberitakan DPA, Sabtu (24/9/2011).

Di bawah Piagam PBB, Sekretaris Jendral PBB harus memberikan proposal Palestina ke DK PBB. Setelah itu, 193 anggota Majelis Umum PBB akan memutuskan pengakuan dan keanggotaan Palestina di PBB.

Untuk mendapatkan keanggotaan penuh, Palestina harus mendapatkan sembilan dukungan dari negara anggota DK PBB. Saat ini, tujuh negara anggota DK PBB sudah menyatakan dukungannya terhadap Palestina, termasuk di antaranya Rusia dan China. Sementara itu, Palestina juga harus meraih dukungan dari 128 negara di Majelis Umum PBB.

Meski Palestina tampak meraih dukungan yang cukup banyak, Amerika Serikat (AS) akan menjadi penghalang utama bagi Palestina. AS yang merupakan anggota tetap DK PBB akan menggunakan hak vetonya untuk menjegal Palestina.

Bila AS menggunakan vetonya, Palestina tidak akan mendapatkan keanggotaan penuh di PBB, Namun Palesina masih bisa memperbaharui statusnya di PBB menjadi negara non-anggota PBB bila Palestina berhasil mendapat suara dari 128 anggota Majelis Umum PBB.(rhs)

Source: OkeZone – International

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Yemen unrest: dan#039;Troops attackdan#039; opposition camp in Sanaa

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:16 PM PDT

 55560737 012991178 1 Yemen unrest: dan#039;Troops attackdan#039; opposition camp in Sanaa Protests in Sanaa continue despite the president's call for a ceasefire

Government troops in Yemen have opened fire on protesters in Sanaa, killing at least one person, reports say.

Witnesses and medics say the demonstrators came under gun and mortar attack in the capital's Change Square – the focus of the protests.

They say some tents were on fire and there were also sniper attacks.

The violence comes after President Ali Abdullah Saleh earlier returned from Saudi Arabia three months after surviving an assassination attempt.

"We have six severely injured and one killed in a terrible way by the mortar fire," doctor Mohammed al-Qubati was quoted as saying by Reuters.

There were also reports that late on Friday government troops tried to storm the square, which was being guarded by armed men opposed to President Saleh.

Activists have been camped out in Change Square since January, demanding an end to Mr Saleh's decades-long rule.

Earlier on Friday, at least 13 people reportedly died in fighting in the capital.

Clashes in the capital have recently intensified as elite Republican Guards, led by President Saleh's son Ahmed, fight running battles with army units that have defected to the opposition and tribal fighters who support the protesters.

Civil war risk

After his surprise return to Sanaa, President Saleh called for a ceasefire to stop violence which has already claimed about 100 lives already this week, mainly of unarmed anti-government protesters.

He flew back after having treatment in Saudi Arabia for injuries sustained in a rocket attack on the grounds of his presidential palace.

Mr Saleh was greeted by thousands of enthusiastic supporters, who staged a rally in Sanaa.

But correspondents say his return raises the risk of all-out civil war.

The US, whose officials were reported to have been taken by surprise by President Saleh's return, urged him to begin a transfer of power and arrange presidential elections.

"The Yemeni people have suffered enough and deserve a path towards a better future," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

source: bbcuk

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Alpha radiation treats prostate cancers

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:16 PM PDT

By James GallagherHealth reporter, BBC News
 55553210 a1340022 radioactive emission from radium Alpha radiation treats prostate cancers Alpha particles can damage cells

A trial of a new cancer drug, which accurately targets tumours, has been so successful it has been stopped early.

Doctors at London's Royal Marsden Hospital gave prostate cancer patients a powerful alpha radiation drug and found that they lived longer, and experienced less pain and side effects.

The medics then stopped the trial of 922 people, saying it was unethical not all to offer of them the treatment.

Lead researcher Dr Chris Parker said it was "a significant step forward".

Cancer Research UK said it was a very important and promising discovery.

Radiation has been used to treat tumours for more than a century. It damages the genetic code inside cancerous cells.

Alpha particles are the big, bulky, bruisers of the radiation world. It is a barrage of helium nuclei, which are far bigger than beta radiation, a stream of electrons, or gamma waves.

Dr Parker told the BBC: "It's more damaging. It takes one, two, three hits to kill a cancer cell compared with thousands of hits for beta particles."

Alpha particles also do less damage to surrounding tissue. He added: "They have such a tiny range, a few millionths of a metre. So we can be sure that the damage is being done where it should be."

In 90% of patients with advanced prostate cancer, the tumour will have spread to the bone. At this stage there are no treatments which affect survival.

The study looked at patients with these secondary cancers, as the source of radiation – radium-223 chloride – acts like calcium and sticks to bone.

Half were given the radium-223 chloride drug alongside traditional chemotherapy, while the other patients received chemotherapy and a dummy pill.

The death rate was 30% lower in the group taking radium-223. Those patients survived for 14 months on average compared to 11 months in the dummy group.

The trial was abandoned as "it would have been unethical not to offer the active treatment to those taking placebo", said Dr Parker.

He added: "I think it will be a significant step forward for cancer patients".

Researchers also said the treatment was safe. Curiously there were fewer side-effects in the group taking the treatment than those taking the dummy medicine.

The findings are being presented at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress but they have not yet been peer-reviewed by other academics.

Prof Gillies McKenna, Cancer Research UK's radiotherapy expert and director of the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, said: "This appears to be an important study using a highly targeted form of radiation to treat prostate cancer that has spread to the bones.

"This research looks very promising and could be an important addition to approaches available to treat secondary tumours – and should be investigated further."

source: bbcuk

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Turkey seizes Syrian ship with weapons – PM Erdogan

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:16 PM PDT

 55560606 126105310 Turkey seizes Syrian ship with weapons   PM Erdogan Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara no longer had any contacts with the Syrian leadership

Turkey has seized a Syrian-flagged ship loaded with weapons, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.

He did not say where or when the vessel was stopped, but vowed to confiscate any arms shipments for Syria coming through Turkish waters or airspace.

Mr Erdogan has repeatedly criticised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over his government's violent crackdown on street protesters.

Last week, Mr Erdogan said the era of oppressive dictators was over.

Contacts cut off

"Turkey has arrested a ship flying the Syrian flag and carrying weapons," Mr Erdogan said in New York where he attended the UN General Assembly, Turkey's Anataolia news agency reports.

"If in the future arms shipments (to Syria) are made by air or land, we will stop and seize them," he added.

News of this latest incident marks a hardening in relations between two formerly friendly countries, the BBC's Matthew Well in New York reports.

Ankara has grown increasingly impatient with Damascus' refusal to discuss political reforms, our correspondent says.

Earlier this week, Mr Erdogan told reporters that Turkey no longer had any contacts with the Syrian leadership and warned of sanctions.

Ankara also hosted a conference of Syria's opposition groups earlier this month.

Foreign reporters are not being allowed in to Syria so news organisations are largely dependent on unverified amateur video and reports by rights groups.

According to the UN, more than 2,200 people have been killed in Syria since anti-government protests began more than five months ago.

The government says hundreds of its personnel have been killed.

The government insists that it has a political reform programme in place, but opposition leaders say there can be no free and fair elections while the ruling Baath party is in power.

source: bbcuk

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Zambia’s new president promises jobs, education

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:13 PM PDT

Zambia’s new president promises jobs, education
Lewis Mwanangombe and Michelle Faul, Associated Press, Lusaka, Zambia | Sat, 09/24/2011 8:44 AM
A |A |A|

The man who once threatened to expel “bogus” Chinese investors became Zambia’s new president on the back of a campaign that promised jobs and education, and played down the anti-China rhetoric that had failed to win him traction in three previous elections.

Michael Sata’s fourth and successful attempt ends 20 years in power for the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, under whose guidance China has become a major role player that underpins the southern African nation’s thriving economy with investments of nearly $3 billion.

Sata won 1,150,045 votes, or 43 percent of the total, to 961,796 votes, or 36.1 percent for incumbent Rupiah Banda, according to early results announced Friday by the Electoral Commission. Eight other candidates shared the remaining votes cast.

In 2008, Sata lost to Banda by just 35,000 votes. Sata’s supporters celebrated by setting off fireworks and dancing in the streets. On Friday morning, joyful followers overwhelmed the Supreme Court compound where Sata was to be inaugurated, temporarily delaying the ceremony.

Source: the jakarta post

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Kurang biaya, koleksi museum rusak

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:11 PM PDT

20110722081546peta papua Kurang biaya, koleksi museum rusak

Papua. (Istimewa)

Jika ratusan koleksi museum ini rusak parah maka jati diri atau sejarah dari orang Papua juga bisa hilang” Kurangnya biaya perawatan, katanya, membuat ratusan koleksi Museum Negeri Papua yang didominasi koleksi organik, rusak.

“Rata-rata koleksi organik yang mengalami kerusakan di makan rayap,” katanya.

Dia mengaku telah berkali-kali mengajukan persoalan ini kepada Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Papua tetapi belum mendapatkan tanggapan serius.

“Kami berharap pemerintah provinsi dan setempat bisa memperhatikan permasahan kami. Nah jika ratusan koleksi museum ini rusak parah dan tidak bisa dirawat lagi maka jati diri atau sejarah dari orang Papua juga bisa hilang,” tambahnya. (*)


Editor: Jafar M Sidik


Source: AntaraNews.com – Peristiwa

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Pagi Ini KPK Rekonstruksi Penangkapan Tersangka

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:10 PM PDT

24 September 2011 08:56 WIB

JAKARTA: Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) pagi ini melakukan rekonstruksi penangkapan tiga orang tersangka kasus dugaan suap pencairan dana Percepatan Pembangunan Infrastruktur Daerah (PPID) bidang transmigrasi di Kementerian Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi (Kemenakertrans).

Reka ulang itu sendiri akan dilakukan di kantor Direktorat Jenderal Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Kawasan Transmigrasi (P2KT) di Kalibata, Jakarta Selatan.

“Benar, rekonstruksinya di kantor Kemenakertrans, Kalibata. Sekarang masih dalam persiapan,” kata Kepala Pemeritaan dan Informasi KPK Priharsa Nugraha, saat dihubungi, Sabtu (24/9).

Menurutnya, meski ketiga tersangka ditangkap di tiga tempat berbeda, proses rekonstruksi itu hanya akan dilakukan di kantor Kemenakertrans Kalibata saja.

Sayangnya, pria yang kerap disapa Arsa itu tidak tahu pasti pada pukul berapa penggeledahan tersebut akan dilakukan.

Ia hanya mengatakan penggedahan akan dilakukan pagi ini.

Hal ini juga telah dibenarkan kuasa hukum tersangka Kepala Bagian Program Evaluasi dan Pelaporan Dadong Irbarelawan, Syafrie Noer.

Menurutnya, kliennya memang telah dijadwalkan untuk menjalani rekonstruksi pagi ini.

“Iya pukul 8 dijemput dari rutan, terangnya.

Kasus ini berawal dari penangkapan yang dilakukan Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) terhadap dua pejabat Kemenakertrans, I Nyoman Suisnaya dan Dadong Irbarelawan, dan seorang wanita pengusaha bernama Dhanarwati di tiga tempat berbeda.

Dalam penangkapan tersebut, KPK pun akhirnya menyita uang senilai Rp1,5 miliar yang ditemukan dalam sebuah kardus durian.

Uang tersebut diduga diberikan Dharnawati untuk memuluskan pencairan dana senilai Rp500 miliar yang telah dianggarkan dalam Anggaran Pengeluaran dan Belanja Negara Perubahan (APBN-P) tahun 2011. (*/OL-10)

Source: media indonesia

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Menangis Bahagia, Siap Bantu Orangtua dan Keluarga

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:07 PM PDT

Alan ‘Big Brother Indonesia’
Menangis Bahagia, Siap Bantu Orangtua dan Keluarga
1777864 Menangis Bahagia, Siap Bantu Orangtua dan Keluarga

Jakarta – Alan menjadi pemenang Big Brother Indonesia Trans TV menyingkirkan dua pesaingnya, Derek dan Rene. Bahagia, Alan menangis bahagia.

Berikut ini wawancara singkat setelah Alan menjadi jawara Big Brother Indonesia, di Gedung Trans TV, Mampang, Jakarta Selatan, akhir pekan lalu.

Terbayang kah sebelumnya?

Aku sudah minta sama Allah untuk diberikan yang terbaik. Aku sudah berusaha mati-matian. Ketika down aku sadar, aku menampar diri aku biar sadar karena terpilih dari 2.000 orang.

Apa yang akan terpikir setelah menang?

Yang pertama ada dipikiran saya (ketika jadi pemenang), Allah telah jawab doa saya. Doa saya sebelum ada di sini. Selama Ramadhan, puasa saya full, taraweh full dan membaca Al-Quran.

Rasanya seperti apa, dan bakal melakukan apa?

164 hari di rumah Big Brother rasanya luar biasa berat. Saya tidak tahu apa rencana ke depannya. Namun yang pasti saya ingin berkumpul bersama keluarga di Bandung.

Hadiah uangnya untuk apa?

Saya belum tahu untuk apa uang sebanyak itu. Lihat saja saya belum pernah. Aku ikut acara ini tabunganku nol rupiah. Tapi sekarang Rp250 juta, ini uang atau apa?

Benarkah? Pasti ada rencana dengan uang itu, kan?

Aku belum bisa bicara apa-apa karena sekarang masih syok, seperti tidak percaya. Tapi, yang pasti, aku mau naik haji sama orangtua.

Lalu untuk hadiah rumah Rp500 jutanya?

Karena aku kan, orang kampung dan tidak ingin lupa dengan latar belakangku sebagai orang kampung. Aku ingin keluarga tetap di sana. Mungkin nanti pelan-pelan aku akan perbaiki rumah yang di kampung. Rumahnya aku tempati.

Sebagaimana diberitakan sebelumnya, Alan berhak mendapatkan sebuah rumah seharga Rp500 juta dan uang tunai sebesar Rp250 juta. Sedangkan Derek memperoleh uang tunai sebesar Rp150 juta. Sedangkan Rene mendapaktan uang tunai sebesar Rp100 juta.

Malam final Big Brother yang berlangsung Sabtu (17/9) malam akhirnya memilih Alan sebagai pemenang pertama dengan perolehan suara 42,18%, 40,5% untuk Derek dan 17,32% untuk Rene. [aji]

Source: inilah online

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Tike Priatna Nyanyi Lagu Amy Winehouse Versi Sunda

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:07 PM PDT

Tike Priatna Nyanyi Lagu Amy Winehouse Versi Sunda
1777863 Tike Priatna Nyanyi Lagu Amy Winehouse Versi Sunda

> Jakarta – Tribute to Amy Winehouse, Tike Priatna Kusuma bersama delapan penyanyi perempuan tampil memukau di hadapan ratusan penonton Java Soulnation 20011.

Berbeda dengan Java Soulnation sebelumnya yang digelar selama dua hari, tahun ini festival musik yang dikenal sebagai ajang berkumpulnya para penikmat musik hitam itu diselenggarakan selama tiga hari, 23 sampai 25 September 2011 di Senayan, Jakarta Selatan.

Tak hanya menambahkan waktu, pagelaran Java Soulnation kali ini menampilkan banyak perbedaan dari terdahulu seperti pada hari pertama di panggung utama digelar Tribute to Amy Winehouse menampilkan sembilan wanita yang tergabung dalam 9SuppaSoulSistas.

Sembilan wanita itu adalah Sania, Jaydee Soul ID, Yacko, Jemima, Olive Latuputty, Tike Priatnakusumah, Davina, serta dua lagi dari Moluccas Reunion, Pita Loppies dan Audrey Papilaja. Masing-masing menyanyikan lagu-lagu Winehouse dengan karakter mereka masing-masing.

Salah satu penampilan yang memikat adalah aksi dari komedian sekaligus presenter Tike Priatnakusumah dengan lagu Amy Winehose berjudul Monkey Man. Tike memadukan lagu Winehouse itu dengan versi sinden Sunda. [aji]

Source: inilah online

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1.795 Ekor Trenggiling Dibakar di Medan

Posted: 23 Sep 2011 07:03 PM PDT

0842464620X310 1.795 Ekor Trenggiling Dibakar di Medan Metro Banjar/Donny Sophandi Trenggiling beku

MEDAN, KOMPAS.com – Sebanyak 1.795 ekor trenggiling yang hendak dikirim ke Vietnam, Jumat (23/9/2011) dibakar aparat Kejaksaan Negeri Belawan, Sumatera Utara di tempat pembuangan akhir (TPA) Terjun, Kelurahan Marelan, Medan Marelan. Seluruh binatang langka itu sudah dalam kondisi tak bernyawa, dan telah dibekukan.

Menurut Plh Kepala Seksi Pidana Khusus Kejaksaan Negeri (Kejari) Belawan, Tri Chandra Astuti, seribuan terenggiling itu merupakan hasil tangkapan  jajarannya di Pelabuhan Belawan pada Juni lalu. Dalam pemusnahan itu, pihaknya turut membakar ikan gabus pasir beku yang terdiri dari 439 karton atau 9,219 kilogram, serta kemasan 322 karton atau 3.220 kilogram. Kemudian dua karton atau 29,25 kilogram potongan-potongan daging bulus beku. Lalu 79 karton atau 790 kilogram kulit trenggiling dan 295 karton atau 1.795 ekor atau 5.900 kilogram daging beku tanpa sisik.

"Penangkapan itu diawali temuan petugas kami yang mencium bau busuk saat bongkar muat dilakukan," kata Tri.

Dalam kasus ini, kejaksaan telah menetapkan tiga tersangka, yaitu Justin Siahaan, Dikmar Panjaitan, dan Andi Santoso. Dari ketiganya diketahui kalau seluruh barang bukti itu hendak dikirim ke Vietnam. Ketiganya dituduh telah melanggar UU No 17 Tahun 2006 tentang perubahan UU No 10 tahun 1995 tentang Kepabeanan.

Sumber :

Source: kompas regional

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